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Vicki & Liz

Vicki- A NY native grew up outside of Brooklyn till the age of 13 then moved to Texas. She became a longhorn after high school. In collage she studied communication. Soon after she graduated she got married to a man by the name of Geoff. They live in Louisiana together with there 5 children. Vicki meet Liz in collage.

Liz- Born in Seattle WA, she spent her life there till the age of 17 she started to go to collage in Texas. She also a longhorn studied communication along with Vicki. They quickly became best friends and still are. Liz and Vicki wanted to start a blogging community so with that they did.

Email- If you want to get a hold of ether of us you can by email. Our email address is info@allianceofliterarysocieties.org. If there is a book that you would like for us to discuss please drop us a line with a request and after we review it we will tell you if we can or cannot and if we do it will be featured on the site.

Thank you all that have stopped on by.

Vicki & Liz

All about the books you love!